DTS INQUIRIES: For all FEMA employees experiencing any DTS issues or issues related to a Deployment Request please contact the FEMA Workforce Coordination Branch Call Center at 855-377-3362 or email to FEMA-DTS@fema.dhs.gov. The FEMA SID Help Desk cannot assist with these issues.

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DISASTER ASSISTANCE REGISTRATION INQUIRIES: For all requesting assistance with registration or inquiries for FEMA DISASTER ASSISTANCE (ONLY), please contact the FEMA CALL CENTER at: 800-621-3362. The FEMA SID Help Desk cannot assist with these requests.

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If you have an inquiry regarding the FEMA Independent Study Program, NIMS or other EMI related requests (e.g. certificates, transcripts, & online test results), contact the FEMA Independent Study program office at (301) 447-1200 or email Independent.Study@fema.dhs.gov for assistance. Please do not contact the FEMA SID Help Desk in regards to the Independent Study Program as they are unable to provide assistance with these requests.

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Use the form below to register for your FEMA SID

All fields are required unless indicated otherwise.

Full Legal Name

Please provide your full legal name. Do not use shortened versions, nick names or abbreviations.

Primary Contact Information

Your individual business email will be used to send your account information and other email alerts.

Please use your individual business email and phone number. A shared group email address cannot be used if it is used for more than one account. Please avoid using your personal email and phone number unless it is your only option.

If possible, please provide an alternate email and phone. Password resets, and other email will go to this email as well as your work email above.

When and Where you Were Born

Security Questions

These questions will be used when you need to reset your password, talk to someone at the help desk or retrieve a forgotton Student ID. Choose a question from each list below and provide an answer that only you will know. Answers must be longer than 2 characters and are not case sensitive. We recommend using simple, one-word answers so that they will be easier to remember.

Privacy Statement

PURPOSE: The FEMA Student Identification (SID) number is used as the unique individual identifier for all applicants requesting training at FEMA training facilities. The FEMA SID number is used as the applicant’s unique student identifier for the following areas: training records and continuing education credit through the International Association for Continuing Education and Training. Some facilities may still require the social security number for training medical records, travel authorizations, and travel reimbursement.

ROUTINE USES: The FEMA SID number is stored for a minimum of 40 years. This information is used by FEMA staff and its training partners on a need to know basis for Official Administrative purposes only. Release of an individual’s FEMA SID number or other personally identifiable information will not be granted to any person or agency outside of FEMA or its training partners without a written request for the information and written permission from the applicant, staff or faculty member.

DISCLOSURE IS VOLUNTARY: Disclosure is voluntary. Although without disclosure of your personal information we cannot create a unique FEMA SID number to use as a unique identifier in place of your social security number. Without a FEMA SID you may not be eligible for training at FEMA training facilities.