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REP Core Concepts

RCCC AWR-317 10 Contact Hours
Target Audience/Disciplines

Any member of an organized federal, state, local, or tribal radiological/hazardous materials response element who have responsibility for responding to or managing a radiological incident. Personnel assigned to such teams include fire service, law enforcement, health physicists, industrial hygienists, radiological officers, and other emergency service personnel with similar responsibilities. Local or tribal participants should reside within either of two Emergency Planning Zones (EPZ). The two EPZs are described as 1) the plume exposure pathway EPZ has a radius of about 10 miles from the reactor site, or 2) the ingestion exposure pathway EPZ has a radius of about 50 miles from the reactor site. There are over 100 commercial nuclear power reactors in the United States.


The Radiological Emergency Preparedness (REP) Core Concepts Course (RCCC) is a 1.5-day course which focuses on the nuclear power plant off-site radiological emergency preparedness program. It addresses the history and sentinel events, federal regulatory policies, basic radiation principles, REP planning guidance (planning standards), REP demonstration guidance (exercise evaluation areas) and the REP Disaster Initiated Review (DIR) process. At the successful completion of this course, the student will have satisfied the instructor-led training prerequisites for both the L-340 REP Program and Planning Course (RPPC) and the L-304 REP Exercise Evaluator Course (REEC).

Course Offerings

No offerings at this time.

Prerequisites and Requirements

To be eligible to attend the REP Core Concepts Course, a candidate must: