GHS Labels

Each GHS label has six specific elements that must be completed under GHS guidelines. There may be additional or supplemental, but these six elements must be present.

Product Identifier—This identifies the product or chemical name.

Signal Word—The signal word indicates hazard level. "Danger" is used for the most severe instances, while "Warning" is less severe.

Pictograms—These pictograms are used to identify hazardous products and are commonly grouped by chemical/physical risk, health risk and environmental risk.

Hazard Statements—These are phrases that describe the nature of hazardous products and the degree of hazard. Hazard statements are on the chemical's Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and identified by an H-Code (like H100).

Precautionary Statements/First Aid—These are phrases that are tied to each hazard statement. They describe general preventative, response, storage or disposal precautions. These statements are found on the chemical's Safety Data Sheet (SDS). Similar to Hazard Statements, Precautionary Statements can be identified by a P-Code (like P-100).

Supplier Information—This identifies the manufacturer's company name, address, and telephone number.

GHS Label image, with the number 1 and product identifier at the upper left “Ammonia”, the number 2 and signal word below that “Danger”, the number 3 and pictograms on the right side three red diamonds one with a skull and crossbones another with a flame, and a third with two containers spilling a liquid on a hand and a flat surface , below that on the left the number 4 and hazard statements “toxic if ingested”, under that the number 5 and Precautionary statements “May explode when exposed to high heat. Use in an open areas that is well ventilated. Breathing in ammonia is irritating and corrosive. Wear protective gloves and safety goggles to prevent burns and irritation. If swallowed: immediately call poison control or doctor/physician. Drink water or milk to dilute ammonia.”  At the bottom the number 6 and supplier information “ABC Chemicals 123 Main Street, Cincinnati, OH, 800-999-9999”