Intermediate Bulk Containers

IBCs are bulk containers that can be loaded/off loaded using mechanical handling equipment.

Totes or Bins are designed for mechanical handling and used to transport many different types of hazardous materials such as aviation fuel, gasoline, alcohols, toluene, corrosive liquids, and solid materials in powder, flake, or granular forms. Totes are typically constructed on pallets for lifting and stacking.

Super sacks can be hung from lifting straps and may be placed on pallets for stacking. Typical contents can include powder, flake, or prill forms of oxidizing, corrosive, or toxic substances.

Stack of three images of bulk containers.  Top is red containers with 1830 Hazard Class 8 marking in black and white.  Middle is a white plastic containers enclosed in metal wire with 1824 Hazard Class 8 marking. Bottom image is of a metal bulk container with Hazard Class 3 marking 1993.