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Department of Homeland Security Shield / FEMA
Center for
Domestic Preparedness

POD Essentials Train-the-Trainer

17.1 Contact Hours


POD Essentials Train-the-Trainer is a three-day course that prepares state, local, tribal, and territorial public health instructors to deliver the POD Essentials course to local audiences. POD Essentials is an engaging, introductory-level course designed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for staff and volunteers new to working in a point of dispensing (POD) site during a public health emergency.

This hands-on course walks trainers through the process of preparing and presenting the customizable POD Essentials course that can incorporate jurisdiction-specific plans, policies and procedures. This train-the-trainer course includes facilitation tips for adding dynamic and engaging features into the POD Essentials course. Participants will work together to complete a culminating presentation activity to facilitate a customized portion of the POD Essentials course.

Below are some, but not all, of the critical skill sets learned during this training program:

  • Apply the framework, design and intent of the POD Essentials course and its associated resources.
  • Complete course administration tasks for delivery of the POD Essentials course to local audiences.
  • Customize POD Essentials course materials using jurisdiction-specific policies, procedures and plans.
  • Facilitate POD Essentials presentations and activities to prepare new POD staff and volunteers for working in a POD during a public health emergency.

Target Audience

The target audience for this course is federal, state, local, tribal, or territorial (SLTT) trainers, who conduct medical countermeasures-related training for new staff and volunteers. This can include, but is not limited to, public health training staff, trainers identified in partner organizations such as Emergency Management, Advanced Practice Centers, Area Health Education Centers, and Centers for Excellence. Personnel assigned to the following positions would best benefit from this course: State or Project-Area Training Managers; State or Project Area Bioterror Coordinators; State or Project-Area Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) Coordinators; Regional Emergency Response Planner or Coordinators; Cities Readiness Initiative (CRI) Coordinators; State, Project Area, CRI Public Information, or Communications Coordinators; Regional, Local, or CRI Planners who plan and coordinate Mass Dispensing activities and Federal personnel who would augment or support State, Regional, or Local authorities in Training and Dispensing activities.

Prerequisites and Requirements

To be eligible for the course, the student must successfully complete the following course: