The Center for Domestic for Domestic Preparedness has announced the dates for its next Complex Coordinated Attack Theme Week.

The event will run Jan. 5-11, 2020 on the CDP’s campus in Anniston, AL.

The intent of the week is to enhance emergency responders’ ability to respond to attacks designed to disrupt or overwhelm response agencies, such as an active shooter coupled with the release of hazardous materials.

Courses for the week include the CDP’s Healthcare Leadership for Mass Casualty Incidents and Hospital Emergency Response Training for Mass Casualty Incidents.  The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Brunswick, Georgia will also be on site, delivering modules of its Active Shooter Threat Training Program.

The week will be the third such theme week hosted by the CDP, and one of two such theme weeks the CDP has planned for 2020.  The center conducted its inaugural Complex Coordinated Attack Theme Week in 2018, and followed that with a Complex Coordinated Attack Theme Week earlier this year.  

The second Complex Coordinated Attack Theme Week in 2020 is tentatively slated in June.