The Center for Domestic Preparedness, in collaboration with the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, conducted its first Integrated Capstone Event of 2019 on February 15.

Integrated Capstone Events are full-blown exercises at the end of a training week where students from multiple courses and disciplines work together to respond to one or more incidents patterned after recent real-world events. In an average year, the CDP conducts two to three collaborative ICEs in conjunction with its training partners and about 25 ICEs overall on its campus in Anniston, Ala.

This particular ICE involved responders attending the CDP’s Healthcare Leadership for Mass Casualty Incidents and Hospital Emergency Response Training for Mass Casualty Incidents courses, and the FLETC’s Active Shooter Threat Training Program course.

The approximately 120 Healthcare and Law Enforcement specialists responded to various simulated incidents – complete with bomb detonations, active shooters, environmental hazards and mass casualties – in and around the CDP’s Advanced Responder Training Complex, Noble Training Facility and Dorm area.