The Center for Domestic Preparedness is conducting a ‘walk-through’ this week of what will become its most advanced hazardous materials training course, as well as its most lengthy course overall.

The ‘walk-through’ is being conducted by about a dozen Center curriculum specialists and hazardous materials program instructors, who are doing a deep-dive examination of each module of the 8-day or 64-hour class.

According to CDP Training and Education officials, the course will provide experienced hazardous materials technicians with the knowledge and practical experience needed to prepare for, respond to, and manage complex hazardous materials incidents as a member of a hazardous materials team.  Among other things, attendees will learn how to oversee the response to a ‘hot zone,’ to include establishing and maintaining site safety and control (to include all responder and public protective actions), release and spill analysis and control, and termination of activities once the hazard or hazards are eliminated.

The officials say that if all goes as planned, the Center will offer the course beginning in 2021.