The Center for Domestic Preparedness is prominently featured in the October 2018 edition of Business Alabama magazine. 

The Center’s unique and important mission is showcased in a three-page article in the publication which is headlined ‘Disaster Graduate School’ and sub-headlined ‘At the Center for Domestic Preparedness in Anniston, first responders from across the nation prepare to handle worst-case scenarios.’

The feature article details the wide variety of training the center offers to more than 50,000 state, local, tribal and territorial responders annually, and quotes Chuck Medley, the CDP’s assistant director for training delivery saying the training is designed “to (help) create a more resilient country.”

“We know bad things are going to happen. We want communities to be able to respond to these events as quickly as possible, so they can deal with these incidents and save lives,” he says. 

It also quotes CDP Superintendent Tony Russell saying that the CDP prides itself on creating a learning environment where responders from across the nation can learn how to better operate under extremely stressful conditions. 

"It's one thing to see it in a textbook. It's another thing to do it in real life," says Russell. 

"People who come here can really experience what these types of events are like.  We train them to make sure that if something happens on their watch, they can go out and make a difference and save lives," he adds. 

The feature is accompanied by a number of images of training at the Center. 

This is the first time the CDP has been featured in Business Alabama, which profiles people and businesses across the state.  

According to its website, the monthly publication is read by more than 50,000 ‘executives, managers, and business owners.’