The CDP is featured in a recently-released National Domestic Preparedness Consortium report.  

The NDPC consists of a number of advanced-level training institutions across the country, including the CDP, which are focused on training our nation’s responders how to deal with a wide range of hazards, including those involving chemical, biological, radiological materials and other weapons of mass destruction. Since it was established in 1998, the consortium’s member organizations have collectively trained nearly 3 million responders and emergency management specialists.

The report, which is available on the NDPC website at, highlights NDPC successes during fiscal year 2018, including real-world examples of how NDPC training was used in response to an unprecedented number of natural disasters as well as to improve safety in schools.

“With a history of success, the top subject matter experts in the country, various modes of training delivery, established infrastructure, and a recognized commitment to preparedness, the NDPC remains ready to provide the vital training necessary to meet today’s urgent security challenges and increase the resilience of our communities,” said consortium chairman Al Davis.  

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(Adapted from an NDPC news release)