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CDP finalizes ICAT Course updates

FEMA’s Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP) recently updated its Integrating Communications, Assessment and Tactics (ICAT) Course, incorporating new videos into the lecture portion of the offering.

ICAT teaches law enforcement officers how to de-escalate a crisis through lectures and practical exercises. Scenarios used in ICAT are taken from real-world events and typically include officer encounters involving people with mental health issues or in a domestic violence situation.

Originally developed by the Police Executive Research Forum, with input from police professionals across the United States, ICAT is designed specifically for situations involving persons who are unarmed or armed with weapons other than firearms.

As a resident course on the CDP’s campus in Anniston, Alabama, ICAT is typically paired with the ICAT Train-the-Trainer Course, which provides individuals with the skills to teach ICAT to other responders in their communities.

For additional information about ICAT, including scheduled training opportunities, visit