The Center for Domestic Preparedness has added an additional item to the ‘toolkits’ of the more than 50,000 responders it trains every year – the FEMA App.

Promotional information about the application has been added to the introduction of each of the center’s 50-plus courses, encouraging students to download and use the tool, and to share it with others in their home communities.

The importance and capabilities of the App is reinforced to those attending resident courses in large promotional posters about the tool which are prominently displayed in buildings across the CDP campus.

“This effort is just one of many ways the CDP is leveraging our unique student reach to contribute to building a culture of preparedness,” said CDP Superintendent Tony Russell.

“We touch responders in every corner of the United States and its territories, so it only makes sense for us to take advantage of this opportunity to make them and their communities more aware and better prepared,” he said.