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CDP reaches online training milestone

This week FEMA’s Center for Domestic Preparedness reached an online training milestone when it recorded its 25,000th online course completion.

The CDP first started offering online courses in November of 2019 with a group of four courses (IED Awareness and Security Procedures, Homemade Explosives and Precursor Awareness, Bomb Threat Preparedness and Response, and Bomb-Making Materials Awareness Employee Training) it offered in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security’s Office for Bombing Prevention.  

Today it offers a total of nine courses, including four exclusively offered by the CDP (Bicycle Crowd Control Teams, Environmental Health Training in Emergency Response Awareness, Hazardous Materials Awareness Distance Learning, and Hazardous Materials Awareness Refresher) and one it offers in conjunction with FEMA’s Radiological Emergency Preparedness Office (Introduction to NUREG-0654/FEMA-REP-1, Revision 2).

Responders and other emergency management personnel interested in taking one or more of the courses should click on ‘Online Training’ at the top of the page.