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CDP releases non-resident, indirect training numbers for January

The CDP this week released its non-resident and indirect training numbers for January.

According to the data, the CDP conducted 18 non-resident courses for 177 responders and 12 indirect courses for 273 responders during the month.

Non-resident courses are delivered by contract CDP instructors at locations across the United States. Indirect courses are delivered by volunteer responders to others in their organization, community or both. The volunteer responders must be graduates of the courses they instruct as well as the CDP’s Instructor Training Course.

The 18 non-resident deliveries during January included delivery of the CDP’s Field Force Operations Course to members of Texas’ Department of Public Safety and decontamination refresher training to members of the New York City Police Department’s Counter-Terrorism Unit.

The 12 indirect training deliveries, meanwhile, included delivery of the CDP’s Hospital Emergency Response Training for Mass Casualty Incidents to medical specialists in Cleveland, Ohio; Phoenix, Arizona; and Atlantis, Florida; and delivery of the center’s Standardized Awareness Training Course to members of the sheriff’s academy in Denver, Colorado.

During 2020, the CDP delivered non-resident courses to nearly 20,000 responders and indirect training to nearly 5,000 responders.

Since it opened in 1998, the CDP has trained more than 1.3 million responders. That number includes responders who have been trained on the CDP’s campus in Anniston, Alabama; at hundreds of locations across the United States; and online.