The CDP has announced its ‘road show’ display schedule for the next 100 days.

The display promotes the Center to various emergency management and responder audiences around the country.  It includes informational materials about CDP training, such as brochures, as well as a host of promotional items, including pens and other ‘freebees’ with the CDP name printed on them.

The display and objects are designed to increase the awareness of the CDP and CDP brand by those audiences, as well as members of the general public.

The display schedule is as follows:

  • Aug 7-10             International Association of Fire Chiefs; Atlanta, GA    
  • August 12-15       Federal Order of Police Biennial National Conference; New Orleans, LA        
  • Aug 20-23           National Tribal Emergency Management Council; Green Bay, WI
  • Sept 6-7              Vermont Emergency Preparedness Conference; Fairlee, VT      
  • Sept 25-26          Continuing Challenge HazMat Emergency Response Workshop; Sacramento, CA         
  • Sept 29-Oct 2      Emergency Nurses Association Conference; Austin, TX
  • October 15-18     EMS (Emergency Medical Services) World; New Orleans, LA        
  • October 27-29     International Association of Chiefs of Police; Chicago, IL