Preparations are underway for the CDP’s 4th Annual Tribal Nations Training Week – the largest annual tribal training event in the Department of Homeland Security – which will run March 16-23.

This year’s Tribal Nations Training Week will be a day longer than previous years, with students arriving a day early and dedicating their first full day on the CDP Campus to networking, receiving briefings on available emergency management and disaster relief programs, and enjoying a cookout with a variety traditional Native American dishes.

Training during the week will feature six courses, with scenarios tailored to the specific needs of the 246 students from approximately 50 tribal nations and agencies.  Three of the courses will culminate in an integrated capstone exercise, where students will work though a mass casualty scenario featuring multiple events and dozens of live actors.

The training week will also feature a number of evening lectures, which will include presentations on a number of topical issues such as active shooter response and cybersecurity. 

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