A recently released report from the CDP’s Indirect Authorized Training Program office says the Center is projected to award ‘Gold’ status to 17 IATP trainers this fiscal year.

The report says another nine IATP instructors should be awarded ‘Silver’ status, while 41 are expected to garner ‘Bronze’ status.

IATP instructors are responders who are authorized to teach CDP course material in their communities but who are not full-time instructors.  To qualify to teach CDP course material, the responders must be graduates of the courses they teach as well as the Center’s Instructor Training course.

Meanwhile, the CDP recognizes IATP instructors who train a certain amount of students or deliver a certain number of classes in a fiscal year.  ‘Bronze’ status is awarded to instructors who train 75 students or deliver six classes, ‘Silver’ status is awarded to instructors who train 150 students or deliver 10 classes, and ‘Gold’ status is awarded to those who train 250 students or deliver 15 classes.  

Every IATP trainer plays “… a vital role in building a culture of preparedness in their organization, community, and state,” the report said.