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Center for
Domestic Preparedness

CDP to support Bureau of Indian Affairs conference

The Center for Domestic Preparedness will present a dozen lectures during August to members of tribal communities in four midwestern states.

The hour-long lectures will span a range of topical issues, from ‘Hazmat and Decontamination During Storm Response’ to ‘Fentanyl, Synthetic Opioids, and the First Responder,’ and be presented virtually between August 10 and August 27. 

Other lecture topics include ‘Mass Violence Toolkit – Preplanning, Response and Recovery,’ ‘Hospital Planning for Mass Casualty Incident Surges,’ and ‘The Effective Use of Social and Traditional Media During Emergencies.’

The presentations will be part of the yearly ‘Partners on Action’ Conference hosted by the Midwest Region Office of the Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Indian Affairs. The conference is the largest annual information-sharing event of the office, which supports 36-federally recognized tribes in Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin.