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CDP working with alumni to improve course content, delivery

FEMA’s Center for Domestic Preparedness has been busy recently soliciting feedback from alumni as part of a routine training needs assessment.

The alumni are primarily those who have attended CDP training in the past two to three years. They represent all parts of the nation, as well as both metropolitan and rural population areas.

The training needs assessment helps ensure three things: CDP course material – including content, activities and scenarios – is both thorough and up to date; the best delivery platform for specific training, based on the learning objectives and length of each course; and it helps identify training gaps, including the possible need for new course material.

Unique to this assessment are a few coronavirus-related questions. One asks the responders if CDP training has helped them during the current pandemic. Another asks them to identify their preferred means of training delivery (MS Teams, Zoom, other) if they can’t attend a course in person.

The assessment is expected to be complete sometime in August.