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Healthcare curriculum to include new CDC guidance

The Center for Domestic Preparedness is updating some of its healthcare curriculum to include up-to-date CDC guidance created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

First in the que: Modules of the CDP’s Environmental Health Training for Emergency Response (EHTER) course, which are typically one to four hours long.

EHTER course material is aimed at public health officials, environmental health specialists, and other responders responsible for the safety and security, and food, water and shelter lifelines in their communities.     

Among other things, the revised modules will include information about how to safely re-open and re-occupy facilities that have been shut down for a period of time; cleaning and sanitation best practices; and information about how to maintain social distancing, particularly in community shelters.  

Additionally, the modules, which will be ready this summer, will be available individually, which will allow interested individuals and organizations to take one or more of the modules without having to take the entire course. The modules will also be available in a variety of delivery platforms, including virtual, instructor-led training; online training; and, at the request of communities, expeditionary training.