The Center for Domestic Preparedness' (CDP) Indirect Authorized Trainer Program (IATP) is designed to efficiently offer courses in a responder's home jurisdictions. Through qualified Train-the-Trainer (TtT) programs, CDP graduates deliver TtT courses to their home organization and neighboring response units.

Recently, the CDP recognized 24 Authorized Trainers for their efforts and success to provide critical instruction to emergency responders in their home jurisdictions. These trainers, representing 11 states, are often fulltime emergency responders and the CDP understands that delivering this training is demanding and time consuming.

The CDP recognizes three levels of indirect trainers for each fiscal year (Oct. 1- Sept. 30). The Bronze level is recognized for instructing 100 or more students or 10 classes, Silver level is 200 or more students or 15 classes, and Gold level is 300 or more students or 20 classes. This recognition is based on high performance and a dedication to preparedness and response.

Altogether for 2013, the CDP awarded 12 Bronze, seven Silver, and five Gold trainers. All CDP graduates accomplishing this training excellence were presented framed certificates and CDP coins, additionally Bronze category is recognized with an embroidered shirt, while the Silver level receives an embroidered fleece vest, and Gold level recipients are awarded both shirt and vest.

Training provided within states and local jurisdictions by state and local trainers is a critical component of national preparedness. The CDP leverages the presence and expertise of these individuals by qualifying them to deliver specific CDP courses through attendance and graduation from certified CDP-delivered train-the-trainer programs. The IATP officially identifies members of the CDP Indirect Authorized Trainer community who aquire special training skills of direct benefit to the CDP mission and whose efforts enhance the local response capability through locally delivered training.

"The effort these men and women give to prepare their local jurisdictions is amazing, said Chuck Medley, the CDP's assistant director for Training Delivery. "These responders are extraordinary citizens; they choose to devote their personal time and knowledge in order to make their communities safer. We're all very proud of their training efforts-it is a selfless, personal contribution to prepare and protect our cities."

Once qualified by the CDP, and with approval of their State Administrative Agency (SAA), these trainers can deliver training in their jurisdictions and receive ongoing administrative support and certification from the CDP.

According to Dennis Terpin, industrial hygienist and safety officer for the University of Illinois at Chicago, the program is very simple to administer. "Once I schedule a class, I send my paperwork back to the CDP in Anniston and they forward all the supplies and course materials needed to teach the class."

Terpin said the program saves time and money for the organizations and jurisdictions who can train at home without leaving for resident training. He's been involved in the Indirect Training Program for the past five years, and during that time he's taught nearly 40 classes, amounting to 450 to 500 graduates.

"It gives us the ability to provide standard uniform training across disciplines," said Terpin. "[Regardless of the state] they've had the same basic training and knowledge and they work well together, as a unit."

For information about the CDP's Indirect Training Program, call 866-291-0698 or go to for more information.