A four-member team of videographers from FEMA headquarters in Washington, D.C. is on the CDP campus this week, collecting footage of various aspects of the Center’s advanced responder training and interviewing CDP staff, instructors and students.

The team is filming segments of three hazardous materials, two healthcare and two law enforcement courses at various locations, including the Advanced Responder Training Complex, COBRA (Chemical, Ordnance, Biological and Radiological) Training Facility, and the Noble (Hospital) Training Facility. 

The team plans to produce at least one video targeted at hazardous materials specialists, one video targeted at healthcare professionals, and one video targeted at those in the law enforcement community, in addition to a comprehensive promotional video about the CDP.  It will also produce a number of smaller, 10-15 second video clips of things they film.

The promotional videos and clips will be posted on the Center’s web and social media sites. FEMA headquarters and CDP staff will also use them in presentations to various audiences. 

The first videos should be available in early January.