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More than 900 responders complete Indirect Training offerings

A report for the six-month period which ended September 30 shows that more than 900 responders completed training during that time conducted by Center for Domestic Preparedness Indirect Authorized Training Program instructors.  

IATP instructors are responders who are authorized to teach CDP course material in their communities but who are not full-time instructors. To qualify to teach CDP course material, the responders must be graduates of the courses they teach as well as the center’s Instructor Training course.

Since March, IATP instructors must also follow all COVID-19 safety guidelines of their home state and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) when conducting training, unless the training is conducted virtually.  

The report goes on to say that while there were only four virtual IATP course deliveries in the six-month period – to responders in Cleveland, New York City, Baltimore, and Austin, Texas – that method of training is growing in popularity.

Four virtual IATP deliveries are scheduled during October alone, and two additional virtual requests are pending approval, it says.

The IATP helps not only individual responders but state, local, tribal and territorial organizations meet their annual training requirements. According to the report, these include police and fire academies, hospitals and other healthcare facilities, and emergency management agencies.