The Center for Domestic Preparedness’ cadre of instructors just got sizably larger.

More than 160 responders participated in the CDP’s Instructor Development / Train-the-Trainer Theme Week October 15-19.  The theme week was designed to teach select state, local, tribal and territorial responders how to present certain CDP course material to fellow members of their agencies or communities.             

Participation in the theme week provided the responders from a wide variety of disciplines, to include Law Enforcement, Healthcare, Emergency Management, Fire Services, Emergency Medical Services, and Public Health, the tools needed to instruct one of three courses – ‘Hospital Emergency Response Training for Mass Casualty Incidents,’ ‘Law Enforcement Protective Measures for CBRNE Incidents,’ and ‘Standardized Awareness Authorized Training’ (which focuses on incidents in which hazardous materials are involved).

During the week the CDP also hosted train-the-trainer courses offered by two of its partner agencies – the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Bombing Prevention and FEMA’s Radiological Emergency Preparedness Program. The OBP conducted its ‘Bombing Prevention Awareness’ Train-the-Trainer Course while the REPP conducted its ‘Radiological Series’ Train-the-Trainer Course.

Since fiscal year 2016, the CDP has trained nearly 750 ‘Indirect Trainers,’ according to the center’s registrar’s office.

The CDP’s HERT (Hospital Emergency Response Training for Mass Casualty Incidents) Train-the- Trainer Course’ is the course most often requested by responders.