Training provided within states and local jurisdictions by state and local trainers is a critical component of national preparedness. The Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP) offers four Train-the-Trainer (TtT) courses that allow qualified graduates to deliver specific CDP training at their home jurisdictions.

Each of the CDP TtT courses provide unique insight into adult learning, presentation and delivery styles, and course material regarding specific topics important to those serving in emergency response. Graduates of TtT programs, known as indirect trainers, return home prepared to deliver training in their jurisdictions for which they receive ongoing administrative support and certification from the CDP.

"Communities benefit from Train-the-Trainer programs and are better prepared for disaster response," said Chuck Medley, assistant director of Training and Education. "CDP-qualified trainers not only offer response techniques and training on awareness-level response procedures to other responders, they are saving money and manpower state and local agencies need."

Since May 2001, the CDP has qualified or recognized 44,771 trainers throughout the 50 states, Washington, D.C., and four territories. These indirect trainers have, in turn, trained more than 302,000 responders. Indirect trainers are vital to the center's ability to reach more individuals serving in the response community.

"By serving as a CDP indirect trainer I am able to bring CDP courses home," said Ronald Raab, an emergency preparedness and response educator from Virginia. He has served as an indirect trainer since October 2007. "I have personally taught 75 courses to more than 1,450 emergency response personnel. That important training may have otherwise been missed. We're better prepared from Train-the-Trainer courses, and they give me an opportunity to work with other agencies and nearby jurisdictions."

Depending on the course, TtT classes are between 1-4 days long and are usually delivered in conjunction with its primary or root course. Graduates of TtT courses are then qualified to provide instruction through the CDP's indirect training program. Qualified indirect trainers may request course materials through the CDP at no cost to their agency or jurisdiction. End-of-course exams and other testing materials are returned to the CDP for scoring after which graduation certificates are forwarded to the indirect trainer who then presents them to the students.

For more information about indirect training programs, email or call 866-291-0698.