The CDP has incorporated measures that reduce the enrollment process for emergency responders attending training. The new process simplifies admission steps, decreases the paperwork burden and automates the approval process for students attending training.

The new online application process will replace the six-step process previously used to enroll in CDP courses. The pilot project is also being studied by other FEMA and National Domestic Preparedness Consortium training providers.

“This is an upgrade to the current enrollment process that required first responders to complete paper documents and route them through their chain of command for approval,” said Chuck Medley, CDP Assistant Director for Training Delivery. “The new application process allows students to complete all documents electronically. The system notifies their supervisor and state training officer who can approve the training request through the Internet and expedite their attendance. “

The first phase of implementation of the new online application process is exclusive to Resident Training and will incorporate Non-Resident and Indirect Training in the future. The new application process went live Sept. 15 and will not affect enrollment applications using the former six-step process. Applications submitted via the six-step paper process after Sept. 15 will still be processed.

The CDP requests student feedback over the next several weeks to further improve the enrollment process. To apply for CDP resident training, visit: If you have a suggestion on how to improve the CDP online application process email: