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Biological Incidents Awareness

7 Contact Hours


The Biological Incidents Awareness course provides a brief overview of biological incidents that have occurred in the recent past; biological agents that are naturally occurring, could be accidentally released, or could be used deliberately; the typical course of disease and how that may vary in a deliberate incident; an overview of biological agents as terrorists weapons; and methods of protection from biological agents (with an emphasis on protection using methods and equipment readily available to emergency responders and the general public). Biological Incidents Awareness can be considered an introductory course to Emergency Response to Domestic Biological Incidents. This class will be offered by the National Center for Biomedical Research and Training (NCBRT) at Louisiana State University (LSU), there are no CEU’s for this instruction.

Target Audience

Hospital staff members who comprise a Hospital Emergency Response Team, such as physicians, nurses, administrators, security personnel, environmental staff, and other hospital staff.