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REP Plan Review

20 Contact Hours


This course focuses on the review of REP emergency plans, specifically the NUREG 0654 FEMA-REP-1, Rev. 1 planning standards that address the public’s health and safety. The REP Plume Plan Review Course will include training based on the Comprehensive Preparedness Guide (CPG) -101, familiarization of Hostile Action Based (HAB) plan review, annual plan review and the Annual Letter of Certification Review Guide process. Required: Each student should bring a copy of their ORO's REP Plan for use during the classroom exercises, to include the NUREG Cross-reference (electronic or otherwise).

Course Delivery

  • Primary – Non-Resident; Secondary – Resident (National Emergency Training Centers)  

Target Audience

Emergency Managers and Public Health Professionals. Participants should reside within either of two Emergency Planning Zones (EPZ). The two EPZ are described as 1) the plume exposure pathway EPZ has a radius of about 10 miles from the reactor site, or 2) the ingestion exposure pathway EPZ has a radius of about 50 miles from a reactor site. There are over 100 commercial nuclear power reactors in the United States.

Target audience: Primary - State, Local, Utility, and Tribal; Secondary – Federal REP staff

Prerequisites and Requirements

To be eligible to attend the course, a student must:

  1. Complete the AWR-317 REP Core Concepts Course (RCCC)
  2. Complete IS-235.c Emergency Planning Course

*Exceptions to any of the above prerequisites may be granted on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the CDP Registrar.