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Community Based Planning for All-Hazards Threats in Tribal Communities

12 Contact Hours


The Community Based Response to All-Hazards Threats in Tribal Communities course provides Tribal community participants with the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to effectively detect, respond to, manage and mitigate all-hazard threats using a whole community approach. The course addresses the distinctive challenges that Tribal nations face in effectively detecting, responding to, managing and mitigating all-hazard threats that include disease outbreaks and the occurrence of environmental health threats. The course includes a practical exercise that will support participants in identification of the following: 1) all-hazards threats in tribal communities; 2) community resources for all-hazards emergency planning in tribal communities; and 3) response and recovery considerations that should be included in tribal all-hazards emergency plans. The intended audience is Tribal community representatives and other officials from emergency management, public health, law enforcement, fire-fighting, cooperative extension, medical services, environmental health, veterinarians, and other animal health professionals. This class will be offered by the Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium (RDPC), there are no CEU’s for this instruction.

Target Audience

Emergency Management; Emergency Medical Services; Fire Service; Governmental Administrative; Hazardous Material; Law Enforcement; Health Care; Public Health; Public Safety Communications; Public Works; Agriculture; Information Technology; Citizen/Community Volunteer.