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REP Post-Plume Plan Review Course

16 Contact Hours


This course focuses on the review of offsite response organizations’ radiological emergency preparedness (REP) plans and implementation procedures utilizing the 16 planning standards (from 44 CFR Part 350 and 10 CFR § 50.47) and associated evaluation criteria (from NUREG-0654 FEMA-REP-1, Rev.1 or Rev.2) which address protecting the health and safety of the public when responding during the post-plume phase of a radiological emergency at an NRC-licensed commercial nuclear power plant. The scenario-driven classroom exercises will focus on the participants’ organization Post-Plume (Intermediate) Phase plans and implementation procedures for response activities related to Relocation, Reentry, Return using EPA Protective Action Guidelines and the Ingestion Exposure Pathway protective actions following FDA guidelines.

Course Delivery

  • Primary – Non-Resident; Secondary – Resident (National Emergency Training Centers)  

Target Audience

Emergency Managers and Planners from Offsite Response Organizations with responsibilities within the entire 50-mile Emergency Planning Zone and Radiological Emergency Preparedness Program Staff responsible for reviewing State and County plans and procedures. (Other beneficial parties: personnel from supporting agencies involved in response to a NRC-licensed Commercial Nuclear Power Plant incident.)

Prerequisites and Requirements

To be eligible for the course, the student must successfully complete the following courses: