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Department of Homeland Security Shield / FEMA
Center for
Domestic Preparedness

Field Force Extrication Tactics Refresher

8 Contact Hours


Course Description: The course provides refresher training for students that have previously completed the full Field Force Extrication Tactics course. The training reviews instruction in understanding common protestor devices and situations, legal considerations for protestor device defeat, responsibilities of extrication team members, and extrication techniques required to defeat many common protester devices. The course culminates in a series of hands-on activities that allow responders to refresher their skills in defeating common protester devices as a member of an extrication team.

Target Audience: Law enforcement officers, firefighters, public works and other professionals with a requirement or responsibility to serve as a member of a protestor device extrication team.

Prerequisites and Requirements

Prerequisites: Completed PER-202 Field Force Extrication Tactics

Be physically capable of lifting 60 pounds while bending at the knees and waist

Be capable of operating the following power tools while bending downward and forward at the waist: extrication saw, angle grinder, reciprocating saw, jackhammer, rotary hammer, rebar cuter, and rotary tool