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Department of Homeland Security Shield / FEMA
Center for
Domestic Preparedness

Strategic National Stockpile Preparedness Course

34 Contact Hours


The Strategic National Stockpile Preparedness Course (SNS) is a five-day course designed to give Federal, state, and local officials information on how to best plan and prepare for a public health emergency and how to use and manage the Strategic National Stockpile in response to a terrorist attack, natural disaster, or technological accident.

Below are some, but not all, of the critical skill sets learned during this training program:

  • Understand the Division of Strategic National Stockpile (DSNS) Program, the levels of support provided by the DSNS, and the response concepts of the DSNS.
  • Understand and describe the planning considerations and operational requirements for receiving, distributing, and dispensing of DSNS material.
  • Understand and describe the threat agents and those antibiotics and vaccines in the DSNS Formulary that are either FDA-approved or used under an investigational new drug for those agents.
  • Describe the Emergency Use Authorization, its intent, how it is obtained, and its use and limitations.
  • Describe the major considerations for designing a system to quickly dispense prophylactic medications to the public to protect it from a biological attack.

Target Audience

Personnel attending this course should be involved with Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) planning and coordination at the Federal, state, regional, or local level. Personnel assigned to the following positions would best benefit from this course: State or Project Area Bioterrorism Coordinator; State or Project-Area SNS Coordinator; Regional Emergency Response Planner or Cities Readiness Initiative (CRI) Coordinator; State or Project-Area Receive, Store, and Stage Warehouse Manager; State or Project-Area Security Coordinator; State, Project-Area, CRI Distribution Planner; State, Project-Area, or CRI Public Information Communications Coordinator; State, Project-Area, Regional, or CRI Pharmacist; Regional, Local, or CRI Planner who plans and coordinates Mass Dispensing activities; and Federal personnel who would augment or support State, Regional, or Local authorities in Distribution and Dispensing activities.

Prerequisites and Requirements

To be eligible for the course, the student must successfully complete the following course: