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Integrated Capstone Event (ICE)

The ICE promotes an interdisciplinary response to an all-hazards mass casualty incident where first responders and first receivers are challenged to perform functions such as initial call-out, scene size-up, rescue, decontamination, pre-hospital treatment, crime scene management, evidence collection, hospital response and more.


The Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP) Integrated Capstone Event (ICE) program provides the opportunity for multiple disciplines to work together in a culminating, all-hazard, mass casualty incident training exercise. The ICE promotes interdisciplinary response where first responders and first receivers are challenged to conduct response operations within the Incident Command System, with students filling various roles based on their experience and course objectives.

The ICE participants receive immediate feedback during an informal After Actions Review (AAR) from subject matter experts and receive a formal written AAR approximately four weeks after the training event. Consult your Resident Training Coordinator for more details and discover how to tailor the ICE to meet your jurisdictional needs.


8/25 – 8/31/2024