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Non-Resident Training

The Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP) has the capability to deliver training to qualified participants at or near the location of the agency that requests the training (sometimes referred to as mobile training). This type of training is usually in support of events of national significance (i.e., National Special Security Event [NSSE], National Level Exercise [NLE], etc.), large state and local events, and specific events taking place locally that impact a jurisdiction.

Non-Resident Training Coordination

To begin the process, the jurisdiction, agency, or State/Territory/Tribal Training Point of Contact (TPOC) contacts a CDP Non-Resident Training Specialist to convey information about the course they want to schedule, the number of people they want to send to the course, and the dates they would like to request for training delivery. In the event a jurisdiction or agency contacts the CDP directly, coordination will be made with the State/Territory/Tribal TPOC to prevent conflicts with the state’s training calendar. Once the CDP, the jurisdiction/agency, and State/Territory/Tribal TPOC agree on course availability and dates, the CDP Non-Resident Training Specialist will coordinate directly with the requesting jurisdiction/agency (at the TPOC's discretion) to coordinate the exact location, dates, and times of the training. Additional information and/or paperwork may be required and will be coordinated by the CDP Non-Resident Training Specialist along with other logistical information.

Non-Resident Training Specialist Contact Information:

Primary POC
(256) 847-2998
Alternate POC
(256) 847-2598