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Indirect Training

The Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP) Indirect Training Program offers students the unique opportunity to receive training in their hometowns at no cost.

The Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP) currently offers five (5) Train the Trainer (TtT) courses, recognizing successful graduates as Indirect Trainers for their home state in accordance with the State/Territory/Tribal Training point of contact directive. The Indirect Training Program provides Indirect Trainers with administrative support to deliver the specific course(s) linked to each Train the Trainer course. This administrative support is at no cost to trainers, and includes student training materials and certificates of completion. Training provided within states and local jurisdictions by state and local trainers is a critical component of national preparedness.

Train the Trainer (TtT) Courses Offered

Listed below are the TtT courses offered with the corresponding indirect classes.

CDP Train the Trainer (TtT) Course Indirect Class Supported
Hazardous Materials Awareness, TtT (HMA TtT) Hazardous Materials Awareness, Indirect Delivery (HMA-2)
Law Enforcement Protective Measures for CBRNE Incidents, TtT (LEPM TtT) Law Enforcement Protective Measures for CBRNE Incidents (LEPM)
Hospital Emergency Response Training for Mass Casualty Incidents Basic, TtT (HERT-B TtT) Hospital Emergency Response Training for Mass Casualty Incidents (HERT)
Radiological Series, TtT (RAD TtT) Fundamentals Course for Radiological Response (FCRR)
Hospital Emergency Department Management of Radiation Accidents (HRA)
Integrating Communications, Assessment and Tactics, TtT (ICAT TtT) Integrating Communications, Assessment and Tactics (ICAT)

State Approval Process

A trainer may be state/territory/tribal approved to teach most of the Indirect courses if the Training POC determines state qualifications for instruction are met. Two completed forms are needed:

  1. Trainer Application for State Approval (138)
  2. Training POC Approval letter

Contact Information for Indirect Training

(866) 291-0698
(256) 847-1982

Indirect Authorized Trainer Program (IATP)

The CDP recognizes indirect trainers who demonstrate teaching proficiency by actively delivering multiple CDP training course iterations or by effectively reaching large training audience populations within their states or local jurisdictions.

Excellence in Training

There are three levels of recognition. Proficiency levels are based on performance in the Indirect Program for training conducted within the preceding fiscal year (October 1 through September 30).

  • Bronze: Delivery of 6 classes or 75 students.
  • Silver: Delivery of 10 classes or 150 students.
  • Gold: Delivery of 15 or more classes or 250 students.

Trainers who achieve IATP status will receive recognition for their efforts on the CDP website. Additionally, trainers will receive a certificate of achievement, and various CDP items, based on the level of performance attained.